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Workplace Benefits

Policies start at just $2/week

Today’s employment marketplace is very competitive. A robust benefits package helps attract and retain quality employees. Voluntary benefits allow employees to customize their benefits package while addressing their unique needs and situations.

Only 39% of Americans have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency. Premiums for Voluntary Benefits are deducted via employee payroll.

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What are voluntary benefits?

Cash benefits paid to those covered by supplemental insurance such as accident, life, critical illness, disability, and more. These benefits are called voluntary, or limited benefit, to distinguish them from major medical policies. Employees enroll and pay premiums through a payroll deduction.

How can benefits be used?

Benefits are paid directly to the insured employee unless assigned to someone else. The cash is often used to cover insurance gaps (deductibles, co-pays, etc), replace income lost during an illness or accident, and pay a mortgage or rent. The insured can, however, use the cash for anything they desire.


Employer Advantage

No Profit Loss

No impact on your bottom line; premiums are employee-paid

Reduce Turnover

Rounds benefit packages, helping you recruit and retain top talent

Gaining Commitment

Improved employee satisfaction and workplace engagement

0 %
of employers say voluntary benefits improve employee moral 1
0 %
of employers say the Affordable Care Act has had little-to-no impact on their appetite to offer voluntary benefits 1
0 %
of employers offer voluntary benefits to recruit new talent 2

Employee Advantage

Pay Cash Benefits

Benefits are paid in cash that corresponded with covered conditions, accidents, or diagnoses

Flexible Utilization

Benefits can be used for various purposes based on the personalized plan ex. gaps in major medical coverage

Affordable Group Premium

Employee gets more benefit with less premium through convenient payroll deduction

0 %
of employees wish their employer cared more about their financial well-being 3
0 %
of employees say that they would leave their job due to lack of benefits 4
0 %
of employees are likely to recommend their employer based on benefits 4

American Heritage Life Insurance

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Universal Life
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Voluntary Benefit Products

Pays a benefit for a covered accident, injury and treatment received; includes 24-hour and off-the-job coverage options to choose from
Pays cash benefits for a covered cancer diagnosis and 29 specified diseases; the benefit can help pay for treatment, surgery, medical appliances, and more
Critical Illness
Pays a lump-sum cash benefit when diagnosed with a covered critical illness; wellness and recurrence coverage is also available
Pays monthly cash benefit for a covered sickness or off-the-job injury that leaves insured totally or partially disabled, helping alleviate daily living expenses
Hospital Indemnity
Pays a benefit to help cover the out-of-pocket hospitalization cost when major medical deductible has not been met, helping provide a financial safety net
Provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help pay financial expenses, bills and more; 20 Year Term, Term to Age 100, Group Whole Life and Universal Life options
Guardian Dental
Dental exams play an important role in a person’s overall wellness and are benefits employees routinely ask for
Vision exams play an important role in a person’s overall wellness and are benefits employees routinely ask for

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